​​​2015 Winter Run - over 75 4x4 rigs in attendance from stock, daily drivers to built buggies.  Only 4-6" of snow this year, but the warm temps made for icy conditions.

Featured Summer Wheeling:   2015 Chucks Fall Run - 3 days of non-stop offroading

Gilbert & Mesabi Mountain Trails with a special excursion to the new Virginia Trail Expansion

2014 MN Trailriders Jeep 4x4 Club:  Fall Run

2014 MN Chuck's Winter Run:

2013 MN Trailrider Fall Run:  Non-stop action, Jeeps, tube buggies, Broncos and Samurais, playing on hill climbs, over logs, stumps and up rock covered ravines.

2013 Chuck's Winter Run:  Less than a foot of snow, but more than enough to make these trails and climbs difficult.  In Jeep'en terms "this means fun, big smiles and good wheeling friends to help you out when stuck!"

2012 MN Trailriders Fall Run

2012 Chucks Winter Run:  Lots of rigs, wheel spin, deep gully runs, some breakage and trail repair.  Even a 1950's tractor does some trail riding.  100% guaranteed fun!  Favorite line "No ground clearance and 1970's tires" and "here comes the rescue."

2012 Mesabi Mountain Trail Opening

2011 Chuck's Winter Run:  Deep snow this year makes it difficult just getting out of the parking lot and to the trails.  Plenty of wheels spinning, getting stuck, winching and shoveling and getting air.  ​Watch a chain of 3 rigs pulling out their broken buddy.

2011 Trailriders Fall Run

2010  MN Trailriders Fall Run:  Light rain the day before made for wet and slippery conditions.  Getting stuck, winching or towed was the norm.  By afternoon the sun had dried most of the trails.  Lots of HP needed for Legos, listen for the little girl saying "for the last time, STEP ON IT !"

2009 MN Trailriders Fall Run:  Trail riding, rock crawling and no shortage of motor and wheel spin on 3 PM Hill attempts.