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Chuck Howard - on his side in River Falls Chuck Howard - A rare picture from his perspective
John Nutter - on his side at Tim's place, moments before it caught on fire. John Nutter - Moab Rim, on the other side Mark Powers - Aftermath of a backwards roll in Grand Rapids
Tom Kuhlmey - on his side at Gilbert.  Just about made it over the rock Tom Kuhlmey - a view from the other side Jim Feesl - with his explorer on its side at Tim's, can't blame Firestone for this one.
Paul Stelzig - with the Wagoneer on its side Chuck Pedretti - Hugging a tree in Gilbert after sliding off a rock Rich Graham - all 4 wheels off the ground after a bounce up a tree.
Bruce Gunderson - Laying over on the drivers side Bruce Gunderson - back up with no apparent damage.  Sometimes it's good to be lucky. Garth Bergman - Hugging a tree
Steve Gurney - After a multiple revolution roll down Yo-Yo in Gilbert.  Lots of damage, but the cage did its job.  Steve Gurney - Funny, he started out facing down the hill Dave Stauffer - Formerly "Dentless Dave" after a brake failure followed by a backwards ride into a tree.