Membership Information
About the Club:
Trailriders is a family oriented club. We're serious when we say that, don't think for a second that we are a club who just say that because all the clubs say it. The average age of our members tends to be older than most clubs, and most members have children that they bring on every trail ride. These kids range from babies to teens who will be thinking about their own 4x4 soon. 
We are very protective of our kids and our peace and quiet. If you are the kind of person who thinks loud exhaust is cool, drives in a unsafe manner, doesn't perform necessary maintenance of their vehicle, drives a non-street drivable beater, drives with his foot to the floor, thinks "muddin" is what four wheeling is about, tears up the trail, doesn't think when (s)he drives, like to party loudly in the campground, likes to use illegal drugs or just plain does anything that tends to make parents of young children nervous. Then you can quit reading and go look for another club. Rest assured that if you are one of the nuisance people named above we will eject you immediately from the first event and you will never come back. You can also rest assured that we are the right club if you are looking to avoid those nuisance people.
If you are a mature person who is looking for great trail riding then we may well be the club for you. We welcome experienced and new four wheelers alike. We strive to teach new four wheelers how to drive off-road and we strive equally as hard to find challenging trails for the experienced Trailriders. Not every trail is suitable for every vehicle and every experience level. Our trail committee will publish information ahead of time to help you decide which trail rides to attend.

Trailriders is again accepting applications for membership.  In general terms, we are a short wheel base club who's main interests are trail riding and rock crawling.  The vehicles in our club range from completely stock Jeeps to large Jeeps built for serious rock crawling and trail riding.  Club members trail vehicles are required to be licensed, insured, street driveable and must have a quiet exhaust system with a fully baffled and spark arresting muffler.  Trailriders is kid friendly and the entire family is invited to every event and meeting.  Take a look at the Membership Information and Safety Requirements and then e-mail the club at if you think Trailriders is the right club for you.

Occasionally things get out of hand and bad things happen to good people, or dumb things happen to smart people.  Sometimes you just forget that the bleeders are supposed to be at the top of the caliper.  (
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We aren't into "muddin", but plenty of other clubs in Minnesota are, so please check the MN4WDA website if that is your interest or if you are looking for a different type of club.  There are many different types of clubs in the MN4WDA and we are sure that there is a club that is right for you, even if the Trailriders aren't.Type your paragraph here.