Trailriders Vehicle Inspection Four Wheel Drive? Circle one (Yes) (No) Must be 4WD!


Owner _____________________________ Date of inspection _________________


Vehicle(make, model, year) ________________ License Plate Number ____________


Outside Pass Fail Pass Fail


Steering ____ ____ Lights ____ ____

Steering box and all joints must be tight. Lights required for street use must finction.


Brakes ____ ____ Suspension ____ ____

Lines secure. No leaks. No pinion brakes. No broken parts. No threaded rod for U-bolts.


Wheels ____ ____ Gas Tank ____ ____

All lug nuts present and tight. Must have a metal skid plate. No Leaks.


Tow points ____ ____

No welded on tow hooks! Hooks must be attached by 2 grade 5 bolts or better.

Class 3 receiver hitch is OK.


Under Hood Interior


Battery ____ ____ Seat Belts ____ ____

Must be solidly mounted. Must not move. Required for all occupants. Must be solidly mounted.


Exhaust ____ ____ Roll Bar ____ ____

NOT LOUD! No leaks. Fully baffled mufflers. Required for all vehicles with removable top. Must be

bolted to solid sheet metal or attached to the frame.

Engine/Cooling ____ ____ Brake pedal ____ ____

Operational. No major leaks. Firm when engine is off.




High Lift Jack ____ ____ Spare Tire ____ ____

Highly Recommended for all! Must have tire and tools to change.

Fire Extinguisher ____ ____ Tow Strap ____ ____

Fully charged. Within reach of driver. 2 lb minimum. 2, 10,000 lb minimum. No hooks.


FRS or CB radio ____ ____ Clevis (recommended) ____ ____

Required for all. Minimum . Screw pin type only.


First Aid Kit ____ ____ OVERALL PASS OR FAIL circle one (yes) (no)