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Great 4x4 Wheeling Adventures

See pictures, trail reports, and video footage of club members and friends on our offroad wheel'en trail rides.

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Club meeting - Fall Run 2014

Featured Summer Wheeling:
  • 2015 Chucks Fall Run - 3 days of non-stop offroading
    • Part 1:  Marvin's Mountain, camp trails gullies, Trillium valley and logo
    • Part 2:  Dead horse; gully and ravine; electric Samuri, and Cripple Creek
    • 3pm Hill:  Built buggies take on the 60 degree challenge

  • 2014 MN Trail Riders Jeep 4x4 Club: Fall Run
    • Part1 -Trillium Valley, Marvins Mountain, Melvin's Farm
    • Part2 - Newbie Ravine, Camp Trails, Dana 35 Repair, Dead Horse
    • Part3 - 3pm Hill - very built buggies attempt 3pm hill

  • 2013 MN Trail Riders Jeep: Fall Run non-stop action: Jeeps, tube buggies, broncos, and Samurai's playing on hill climbs, over logs and stumps and up rock covered ravines.
  • 2012 MN Trail Riders Fall Run
    • Camp Trails  play area and trails "Y" and "Y not" located next to the campgrounds
    • Trillium Valley ride wimpy, legos, geasy, new shelf trail and the easy way out fence line.

  • 2011 MN Trail Riders Fall Run
    • Part 1 of 2 Lots of 4x4's from a stockish $500 rigs to the very built ones; see the first rigs to conquer the camp trail pay area and almost impossible climb on the "cup cake" trail.3pm hill attempts - 60 degree hill
    • Part 2 of 2  More wheel'en action, tip overs, winching, flexing, getting stuck, a little horse power, and lots of driver skill - this is our most popular video

  • 2010 Falls Run
    • Light rain the day before made for wet and slipery conditions;  getting stuck, winching, or towed ; by afternoon the sun had dried most of the trails. Lots of moter used on Legos - listen for the little girl saying "for the last time step on it"

  • 2009 Fall Run   Trail riding, rock climbing, and no shortage of moter and wheel spin on "3pm Hill" attempts

Jeep and 4x4 Repair and Build up videos:
Featured Winter Wheeling:
  • 2016 Get your 4x4 ready!!!! - To be held Feb 6, 2016 - check back after the event for all the footage. 
    • Event attendees:  Did you take some cool pictures/video of you or buddies rig that you would like to see made into a video?  Send it to us!
  • 2015 Over 75 4x4 rigs in attendance from stock daily drivers to built buggies. Only 4-6" of snow this year; but the warm tempatures made for icy conditions.
    • Winter Run Part1  - Newbie Ravine with winching, Trilliam Valley hill climbs; Cripple Creek, Marvins Mountain
    • Winter Run Part2 - Crazy buggie on Sidewinter, a second group in Newbie Ravine, Sandstone and mud, and Legos
  • 2014 MN Trail Riders Winter Run
    • Part1 Snow up to 3 feet deep (or more) make getting around more challenging for smaller rigs, plenty of HP, wheel sping, getting stuck but always a great time.
    • Part2 More footage of icy trail exists, getting stuck, and blasting thru the snow
  • 2013 Chucks Winter Run Less than 1 foot of snow but more than enough to make these trails and climbs difficult. In Jeep'en terms this means fun, big smiles, and good wheel'en friends to help you out when stuck.
  • 2012 Chucks Winter Run Lots of rigs; wheel spin, deap gully runs, some breakage and trail repair, even a 1950's tractor  does some trail riding,  100% guaranteed fun.  Favorate line "No ground clearence and 1970's tires ... here comes the rescue"
  • 2011  Chucks Winter Run Deap snow this year makes it difficlt just getting out of the parking lot and to the trails; plenty of wheel spin, getting stuck, winching, and sholving, getting air,  tick top of the hill U-turn, and a chain of 3 rigs pulling out their broken buddy "Wind them up!", and the classic "Did you see the line that he took?"
Awsome Wheelen Trips:
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  • Want more Wheel'en Action? Check out more Wheel'en videos on our youtube.com channel MN TRAIL RIDERS. See club members and friends trail riding at places like Apple Valley Farms/RPM, Dresser, Gilbert, Frontenac, Rochester Farms, Ma and Pa Rockers, and on private land.
Picture and Trail Report Archive:

Winter 2015 - "Line of Jeeps"