Trailriders, the name says it all.

The MN Trailrider club was started in 1998.  We are a family oriented club. At this point we are really stressing the family oriented part. Many members have young children and even more of us just don't want to be a part of rowdy, unsafe behavior either in the campground or on the trail. I think it's fair to say that the club won't plan an event if we aren't comfortable bringing our children and we won't trail ride with anyone who compromises the safety of our kids or ourselves. Loud exhaust, aggressive driving on the trail, poorly maintained trucks and loud parties in the campground just aren't welcome with us.
The MN Trailriders have some stock vehicles, but we also have some of the best equipped trail vehicles around. We've tackled all of the most difficult trails in the Minnesota area with ease in the built trucks and with the help of a tow strap in the less built trucks. Members have also been traveling to other places like Moab, the Pipeline in Wisconsin or the Black Hills in South Dakota looking for greater challenges.
We've picked up several new applicants and members who had built vehicles and trail driving experience when they found us, and just as many who's vehicles were stone stock and had never driven on a 4x4 trail. We welcome both. Introducing new people to the sport is one of the main intentions of this club when it was founded in 1998.
MN Trailriders Club History:
The Trailriders inc. 4x4 club was formed in June of 1998 by six people who had met via the interent and shared trailrides together. No club in the state of Minnesota was exactly right for all of us, so we formed the new club. We are concerned with the image of the sport of 4 wheeling in this state, and have written our bylaws to reflect this. Members Trailride vehicles must be licensed and insured for street use, must display a current Mn OHV sticker, and must have a complete body. Trailriders also follows Tread Lightly guidelines, and members are encouraged to drive responsibly and act courteously when offroad.

About the MN Trail Riders