The MN TrailRiders are a family oriented (kid friendly) 4X4 club.  Our membership includes several types of short wheelbase vehicles that range from stock to very well-built trail rigs as well as UTVs.  We enjoy varying levels of trail riding and rock crawling and usually have one or more events per month in which any number of the club members participate. We are a safety conscience club that believes our members represent our recreational activity and our club both on the trail and off.  Oh, and we do like to have fun!  If you are a mature person who is looking for great trail riding then we may well be the club for you. We welcome experienced and new four wheelers alike. We strive to teach new four wheelers how to drive off-road and we strive equally as hard to find challenging trails for the experienced Trailriders.

Our club by-laws specify vehicle and technical requirements for all members.  Here are the vehicle requirements:

  1. Licensed and insured trail vehicle
  2. Full bodied, flat beds acceptable
  3. Tires must be DOT approved
  4. Exhaust system with fully baffled mufflers
  5. UTV drivers and passengers must be helmeted

The application process includes…

  1. Bringing your trail vehicle to a meeting if possible
  2. The vehicle must pass a technical inspection
  3. Pay a non-refundable application fee of $40
  4. Within the next 9 months attend 4 meetings and 3 club trail rides
  5. Be voted into the general membership by the board of directors

The tech inspection looks for things like solid steering and brakes.  Tow hooks, both front and rear, bolted to the frame with at least grade 5 bolts.  And other items intended to increase the likelihood that you, your vehicle and other club members make it back from trail rides in one piece.

If you think that our club is a good fit for you, go to our contact page and let us know a little more about you.  For instance, what type of vehicle you own, the type of trail riding you have done and like to do.